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Swedish autumn specialities

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Spending one autumn program in Mittag-Leffler, I took the opportunity to introduce some of our Swedish traditions from this season to my foreign collegues. What you ought not to miss:

September: This is the end of the crayfish season, and the appropriate time for a crayfish party. Preferably you should try to buy Swedish crayfish freshly boiled (with a lot of dill, as always), but frozen ones are widely available and cheap. It goes well with akvavit.

Also, for the brave, this is the right moment to eat the sour herring. The one that was fished during the summer is not yet too stinky. But, more importantly, it should still be warm enough to eat the fish outside. (Be sure that you know what you're doing if you plan to eat it inside, which usually is considered to be a bad idea.)

A not so brave portion of sour herring in the garden of the institute. It was prepared on soft flat bread together with potatoes, onion, and sour cream.  Most people seemed to enjoy it.

November. As the hunting season for moose is well underway , it should not be difficult to find a good moose steak even in the supermarkets.


We made a moose steak roast, served with a potato gratain and blackcurrant jelly! /Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell