27th Nordic Congress of Mathematicians 
16 - 20 March 2016
Date   Speaker   Title and abstract
Wednesday, 16 March   Arild Stubhaug   A man of conviction
    June Barrow-Green   Mittag-Leffler and Acta Mathematica
    Jan-Erik Björk   Sonja Kovalevsky: her life and her scientific achievements
    Cédric Villani   Synthetic geometry of Ricci curvature
    Gunnar Carlsson   Topology and the Big Data Problem
    Tobias Holck Colding   Mean curvature flow
Thursday, 17 March   Stanislav Smirnov   Clusters, loops and trees in the Ising model
    László Lovász   What is generic?
    Benoît  Perthame   Adaptive Evolution and concentrations in parabolic PDEs
Friday, 18 March   Luis A. Caffarelli   Some nonlocal obstacle type problems
    Anna-Karin Tornberg   Highly accurate numerical methods for  evaluation of singular and  
        nearly singular integrals in integral equations
    Karl Sigmund   Partner and Rival Strategies for Iterated Games
Saturday, 19 March   William Fulton   The Origins of Intersection Theory
    Tuomas Hytönen   Weighted norm inequalities and the dyadic structure of singular integrals
    Shing-Tung Yau   Quasilocal conserved quantities in general relativity and gravitational radiation
Sunday, 20 March   Peter Sarnak   Strong Approximation and Golden Gates
    Sara van de Geer   The statistical map, high-dimensional models and concentration of measure
    Sorin Popa   Classification of II1 factors arising from free groups acting on spaces
    Gestur Ólafsson   Reflection Positivity: Representation Theory meets Quantum Field Theory
    Snorre Harald Christiansen   On curvature of piecewise flat manifolds