Anomalous intracellular transport, cumulative inertia and aggregation in scale-free network

Mathematical Biology

28 November 14:00 - 14:45

Sergei Fedotov - University of Manchester

I will discuss the phenomenon of cumulative inertia in intracellular transport involving multiple motor proteins in human cells. I will present the empirical evidence that the longer a cargo moves along a microtubule, the less likely it detaches from it. As a result, the movement of cargoes is non-Markovian and it can be described by a superdiffusive Levy-like random walk. I will also discuss the anomalous transport of individuals across a heterogeneous scale-free network. Using the empirical law of cumulative inertia and fractional analysis, I will show that "anomalous inertia" overpowers highly connected nodes in attracting network individuals. This fundamentally challenges the classical result that individuals tend to accumulate in high-order nodes.
Mats Gyllenberg
University of Helsinki
Torbjörn Lundh
Chalmers/University of Gothenburg
Philip Maini
University of Oxford
Roeland Merks
Universiteit Leiden
Mathisca de Gunst
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Roeland Merks


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