Cell-based and continuum-scale models for the contraction of burns

Mathematical Biology

17 September 14:00 - 14:45

Fred Vermolen - Delft University of Technology

Burn injuries are painful and if the injury is large then possible complications like hypertrophic scars and/or contractures develop. A contracture is a contraction that is so large that the patient's mobility is severely impaired. We consider cell-based (particle) and continuum-based models for burn injuries, where we take into account the mechanics of the contraction. Classical mechanics to treat this issue are based on Hookean Law for stress-strain relationship. Since stresses can be large, we employ a morpho-elastic model where we take into account material changes, which makes the deformations plastic. A further complication is the large number of parameters in these sophisticated models, where many of the input values are unknown and if they are known, then their actual value is patient-specific. We carry out an uncertainty quantification to estimate the likelihood that a contraction develops as a result of a burn injury.
Mats Gyllenberg
University of Helsinki
Torbjörn Lundh
Chalmers/University of Gothenburg
Philip Maini
University of Oxford
Roeland Merks
Universiteit Leiden
Mathisca de Gunst
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Roeland Merks


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