Fiber Floer cohomology and conormal stops

Knots, Strings, Symplectic Geometry and Dualities

01 October 14:00 - 15:00

Johan Asplund - Uppsala University

Let M be a closed orientable spin manifold, and let K be a submanifold of M. In this talk we show that there is a chain level A-infinity isomorphism between wrapped Floer cochains of a cotangent fiber in T*M stopped by the unit conormal of K, and chains of a Morse-theoretic model of the based loop space of the complement of K. The isomorphism is constructed by counts of holomorphic semi-infinite strips.

Please find the seminar recording below (sound only).

Tobias Ekholm,
Uppsala University
Sergei Gukov
California Institute of Technology, Caltech
Vivek Shende
University of California, Berkeley


Tobias Ekholm


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