An introduction to the localization dichotomy

Spectral Methods in Mathematical Physics

17 April 17:00 - 18:00

Massimo Moscolari - Sapienza University of Rome

In 2016 a localization dichotomy result for periodic Schrödinger operators has been proved. This result shows that the localization properties of the Wannier functions associated to a periodic Schrödinger operator are deeply connected to the topological properties of the quantum system.
After a short and informal introduction about periodic Schrödinger operators and Wannier functions, I will explain the localization dichotomy result and I will discuss the possibility of extending it to a generic non-periodic setting, which is a work in progress with G. Marcelli and G. Panati.
Søren Fournais
Aarhus University
Rupert Frank
LMU Munich
Benjamin Schlein
University of Zurich, UZH
Simone Warzel
TU Munich


Rupert Frank


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