Legendrian contact homology and topological entropy

Symplectic geometry and topology

12 November 14:00 - 15:00

Marcelo Ribeiro de Resende Alves - Université libre de Bruxelles

The topological entropy is a dynamical invariant which codifies in a single non-negative number the complexity of a dynamical system. In this talk I will explain how one can use Legendrian contact homology to obtain positive lower bounds for the topological entropy of Reeb flows on contact 3-manifolds. As an application one can establish existence of large families of contact 3-manifolds on which every Reeb flow has positive topological entropy. If time allows I will explain how similar techniques can be used to prove "forcing of entropy" results for certain Reeb flows in S^3 and T^3.
Tobias Ekholm,
Uppsala University
Yakov Eliashberg
Stanford University
Lenhard Ng
Duke University
Ivan Smith
University of Cambridge


Tobias Ekholm


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