Semi-classical limit of large fermionic systems at positive temperature

Spectral Methods in Mathematical Physics

27 February 17:00 - 18:00

Arnaud Triay - CEREMADE

In this talk I will present some recent results on semi-classical limit of large fermionic systems at positive temperature. This is joint work with Mathieu Lewin and Peter Madsen.
We derive the Vlasov free energy with the fermionic entropy, s(x) = x log x + (1-x) log(1-x), from the many-body theory. After introducing the setting and the results, I will explain the main ideas of the proof. I will probably end by digressing and talk about the equivalence of ensembles in the thermodynamic limit which is a key notion in this study.
Søren Fournais
Aarhus University
Rupert Frank
LMU Munich
Benjamin Schlein
University of Zurich, UZH
Simone Warzel
TU Munich


Rupert Frank


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