Sports & Leisure
Gym Facilities

There is a small gym available for guests of the Institute. It is located on the ground floor of the Kuskvillan and is equipped with an exercise bike, a treadmill, a mini gym and loose weights.

In connection to the gym there is also a small sauna next to the shower.


You are welcome to borrow a bicycle for day trips (except during the winter season, November-March). To find the bikes please ask the staff for help. 
If you have any problems or if something is broken or missing on the bike, please inform the caretaker.
Kindly return the bike and the key when you have finished your tour.

Board games and musical instruments

A chess board is available at the Administrative Office. There is also a grand piano in the lounge and an acoustic guitar to borrow.

Indoor pool

Close to Mörby centrum you will find Mörbybadet, which is the nearest indoor pool.

Tourist information
Local news in English

You can find Swedish news articles in English at The Local

For more information on what to do in the Stockholm area, please turn to Visit Stockholm.