Technical Questions


Wireless Network

We have two wireless networks available: eduroam and IML.

- With eduroam you just use your home account.

- With IML you use the credentials you received when you arrived.
Wired Network

In almost every room, in every building on the IML premises, there's a wired network outlet somewhere.

All you need to do is connect a network cable in an available network outlet.


The printer (davinci) in the upper hall on the third floor outside room 31 and 32 is also a photocopier and scanner.

Information on how to connect to the printers is available in all of our accomodations. If needed, please contact the administration for more details.

Technical equipment

At Institut Mittag-Leffler there are no telephone extensions or computer terminals. Please bring your own telephone and laptop if needed.

You are free to connect your laptop to our network. 

If you are missing a cable to connect your laptop you can ask the administration for help.


If you do not find the information you need on our website please contact the administration.