Depending on your citizenship and length of stay, you may need a visa to enter Sweden. Please consult the web page of the Swedish Migration Board to see what applies in your case:

When applying for a visa, you may need a Hosting Agreement. We will issue the Agreement for you. If you have any costs involved in applying for a visa, the Institute will reimburse you up to 1 000 SEK. Take in consideration that the application procedure may take a while, so start early!

If you are a citizen of an EU/EEA country you do not need a residence permit to work in Sweden. However, you must register your right of residence with the Migration Board no later than three months after entering the country.


Our offices have free Wi-Fi and wired internet access.

Location of offices spaces for visiting researchers are in the main building and can be found via the tab "Building maps" on the touch screen located on the ground floor, 
next to the cloak room. In general, office spaces are shared with 1-3 other participants. 

There are blackboards or whiteboards in most offices.

Make sure to bring your own telephone and laptop, as there are no telephones or computer terminals at the Institute.


If you receive mail you will be notifed by staff.

Letters for posting related to the scientific activities of the Institute can be left to the Administrative Office.