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Complex functions, operators, partial differential equations, and applications in mathematical physics

12 June - 16 June 2017

The program will focus on partial differential equations and free boundary problems, operator theory and extremal problems in function spaces, as well as related applications in mathematical physics such as Laplacian growth and gravitational microlensing. We intend for talks to survey these fields and summarize recent developments, as well as present new results and research directions. Part of a day's session will be devoted to discussions of open problems.

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Conference schedule (updated 11 June)

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Alexander ("Sasha") Vasiliev, who was a co-organizer of this conference, passed away unexpectedly on October 19, 2016.  He was a Mathematician full of energy who brought life and friendship to the many conferences he organized and meetings he attended. He will be missed by his collaborators, students, and colleagues in the mathematical community.

Peter Ebenfelt
University of California, San Diego
Matthew Fleeman
Baylor University
Erik Lundberg
Florida Atlantic University
Alan Sola
Stockholm University

Warning regarding possible accommodation scam

It has come to our knowledge that someone posing as a representative for Institut Mittag-Leffler and the organisers of our summer conferences 2019, has been contacting participants regarding accommodation.

This is not supported by the institute or our organisers, and we would like to warn anyone being contacted in this matter to not share any credit card or personal details.

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Erik Lundberg


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