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EWM-EMS Summer School on Tropical Moduli Spaces (Web)

28 June - 02 July 2021

Tropical geometry is a combinatorial shadow of algebraic geometry, obtained by degeneration of an algebraic variety. Tropical geometry has had multiple successes, both inside and outside algebraic geometry, since its inception at the start of the century. The include enumerative geometry, mirror symmetry, and Brill Noether theory inside algebraic geometry, and numerical solutions to polynomial equations, optimization, phylogenetics, and economics outside the field. In this workshop we propose to focus on the tropical aspects of moduli spaces. While there are already prime examples of the success of tropical methods in the theory of moduli spaces, many questions remain open; the theory of tropical moduli spaces of curves is an active and fruitful area of research. Due to the combinatorial nature of many problems, the field is accessible in a week-long school. The participants can learn about basic properties of tropical moduli spaces while at the same time being carried to the most exciting open questions in the area.

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Diane Maclagan
University of Warwick
Hannah Markwig
Universität Tübingen